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Don’t we all love more government regulations!  New regulations that will affect your 401K are coming.  New fee disclosure rules will allow plan participants to be able to see all of the plan fees right on their quarterly statements.  There may even be fees that you as the plan sponsor may not have been aware of.  We can help!  Payroll Solutions has partnered with a specialist in the 401K area who can assist you in a fee analysis of your plan to identify all of the fees, hidden or not, that impact fund performance and participant satisfaction.  This also gives you an independent objective assessment of the plan fees apart from what your current broker may provide.

 Payroll Solutions can also help make life easier for you too.  With our payroll system, we can integrate the flow of data from the payroll system into the 401K. We can make life easier for you by making the payroll process more streamlined and automated creating a solution to maximize your 401K/payroll experience.

For more information please give me a call at 847-526-9774.